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Spruce Your Studio

Your one & done solution for building a friction-free design studio that includes:

  • Zero conflict.
  • Zero stress.
  • And zero revisions 95% of the time.

Yep, 95%.

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Hey there, fellow designer.

Imagine a world where your client process actually went how it was *supposed* to go… every time.

… where you no longer had dozens of files named “” on your computer
… where client revisions was the EXCEPTION and not the RULE
… where you had a simple + streamlined way to continue working with clients in a way that was fun and profitable for you
… where your business was truly friction free from start to finish during every project

I know, this probably sounds too good to be true, if not literally impossible.

But what if I told you I found a way to make that your reality? (95% of the time, anyway. 😉)

There are A LOT of things about a designer’s client process that become the bane of their existence. Maybe you’ve experienced one of them? Something like…

  • Clients who are never happy, even though you’ve moved heaven and earth to meet the brief. (While potentially breaking a few of your own boundaries along the way…)
  • Clients who try to get you to do work outside of the agreed scope. The best reason? “It will only take you a few minutes.”
  • Clients who don’t provide you with useful feedback, so you’re left wondering what to do next. Do you go back and ask them to explain? Do you assume you know what they meant? Do you just trust your skills? Do you throw your computer out the window and run off to the circus?
  • Clients who won’t trust your design expertise—even though they chose to hire you!
  • Clients who hire you once and then go on to work with another designer later. ☹️ (So frustrating, especially if you see the beautiful brand you designed being used incorrectly!)

If I had to guess, you probably didn’t start your own design business for these constant headaches.

You might be thinking, “There HAS to be another way… but what could that even be?”

That’s where Spruce Your Studio comes in: my signature in-depth course + coaching program that gives you unfiltered access into my red-carpet client process and best design short-cuts so you can create an end-to-end experience that gets you loved, shared, and hired by your ideal clients again and again. And again.

I created Spruce Your Studio because you’re not the only designer craving a friction-free client process that ELIMINATES all of these issues.

And when I say eliminate, I mean it. Check out what some of my students have experienced after implementing their own elevated design + client process.

5 Star Review

850+ Successful Students

Welcome to Spruce Your Studio

previously Share-worthy Design

Completely expanded + updated in 2021!

I'm ready to enroll!

Whether you’re ready to give your design + client experience a complete overhaul, or you want to enter the design world with a streamlined process right from the start, you’re welcome here.

Inside of this self-paced course with oodles of valuable trainings, resources, bonuses, and even a private community, you’ll walk away from Spruce Your Studio…

  • With a proven process for sending a client just ONE design — and having it approved — so there’s no more rolling your eyes when they end up choosing the one you *knew* they’d choose (after you spent HOURS creating the back-ups).
  • Being able to sail those dreamboat clients through an unforgettable, friction-free experience that they’ll be raving to their peers about. (And soon enough, those peers will be lining up to work with you, too!)
  • A ready-set-installed list of templates + case studies at your designer fingertips.
  • And so much more!

This isn’t an over-the-shoulder peek into the way I work. It’s SO MUCH MORE than that. I’m giving e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g away.

I'm ready to enroll. Let's go!
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Our designer students get serious results, swipe to celebrate their wins!

The money is in the method, and Spruce Your Studio is THE method for a time-efficient design process + red-carpet client experience that eliminates friction, stress, and 95% of revision requests.

Here’s the life-changing lowdown on what’s waiting for you inside Spruce Your Studio

Module 1

Your Sold-Out Signature Service

Let’s take a closer look… After this module, you’ll know:

  • How to package and position your core service to get your ideal clients absolutely giddy to work with you!
  • The skinny on value-based, retainer, hourly, trade, and packaged pricing, so you can select which pricing model works best for you (and see what we recommend!)
  • The best way(s) to promote your core service, including creating a simple quarterly marketing plan that uses designer-specific strategies, optimizing your site to boost inquiries, and doing particular things to build your credibility from the get-go (who knows, you could earn the whole cost of this course back from just this lesson).

Mustn’t-miss resources in this module include:

Module 2

Your Red-Carpet Client + Design Experience

Let’s take a closer look… After this module, you’ll know:

  • The secrets behind the Zero Revision Methods, including how to discover what your clients actually want and are happy to pay for, how to nail your one-logo design, and how to prep and deliver it to your client
  • The psychological explanation behind client behavior and decision-making, and how to use this to your advantage (pssst—most designers don’t!)
  • My complete end-to-end client process, so you can start turning your inquiries into your most loyal brand ambassadors
  • How to guarantee a stellar client onboarding experience, including our script for consultation calls to get clients on board with our Zero-Revision method (and weed out the red-flag clients, in a nice way, of course!)
  • How to present your designs to a client like a pro and set yourself up for no revisions (or useful feedback). Including several links to exact Spruce Rd. client presentations, and a complete client case study!
  • How to get out of common sticky client situations, so you never feel tongue-tied on how to respond when a client goes out of scope, doesn’t like your designs, or has less-than-ideal feedback (these situations won’t be common any more once you’ve nailed this module!)

Mustn’t-miss resources in this module include:

Module 3

Growing Your Premium Design Studio

Let’s take a closer look…

This is the step beyond the red-carpet client experience and focuses on scaling if that’s something you’d like to do now or in the future. It’s not as scary as it may seem, and outsourcing to other people isn’t the only option! After this module, you’ll know:

  • How to (sanely) manage multiple projects so you aren’t confined to one project at a time, or the limited income that comes with it…
  • How to successfully incorporate a day rate service into your studio so that you’ve got easy and reliable repeat client services. Goodbye complex quotes, timelines, and pricing!
  • My secrets to trimming down your marketing efforts by landing repeat clients (it’s money on autopilot and takes so much stress out of running a business!)
  • How we balance day rates with our core service, and our unique retainer models (our students have earned $100k/year using these methods alone!)
  • My step-by-step process to hiring + managing a team, so you can scale your business with ease. It’s your ticket to working less, while growing your income!
  • The scoop on taxes + legal for your new business model, so once you’ve hired your first all-star, you can rest assured knowing Uncle Sam is a-ok with it.
  • My framework for structuring your team — this is the exact method I use in my own business to guarantee happy designers and clients that keep coming back for more… because we’ve got the team model nailed to a T!

Mustn’t-miss resources in this module include:

“The tools, systems, and community you’ll walk away with from SYS are unmatched. I’ve now served over 150 creative entrepreneurs over the last 3 years, it’s been a whirlwind! If you are a designer wondering if you should invest in SYS, the answer is undoubtedly YES!”

Kelsea, Kindly by Kelsea

“Before SYS I was figuring things out as I went along, and it was confusing.

The confidence that comes out of you after learning all this information and taking it from a professional who has done it time and time again for years is PRICELESS.”

Giselle, Wander Design Co.

“This has completely changed my business and was the turning point for me. No revisions for the last 5 projects! I’m more confident, and my clients are more confident in me as a result.

I was able to hit my first $10k month which is a huge accomplishment!”

Lauren, Lola Design Co.


Day Rate Training + Templates!

Day rates have been an absolute game-changer for my business for repeat clients and sustainable, recurring income that’s EASY (Plus, hardly any designers are doing it!)

Never before included in Spruce Your Studio, you’ll now have access to my entire Day Rate Training + Templates so you can have a completely friction-free process, from zero to repeat. Including a case study from SYS alumni, Kaila, who turned day rates into annual bundles for her clients — earning her over $100k each year.

“I have made as much income in the design days as I have in branding clients this year which is crazy I’m about to double my income this year because of implementing this!!!”

Kaila, Dox Design

Same Kaila from our Day Rate Retainer Case Study!

Pay in Full Bonuses

Pay in full, and on top of some savings you’ll also snag these bonuses!

Bonus 1

Email Marketing for Designers Masterclass ($300 value)

Wishing you could attract your ideal clients to your inbox, and sell them your services on auto-pilot? In this action-packed recorded workshop, I’m dishing on email marketing specific for designers! Best of all? I uncomplicate it and dish on the tools + tactics to make it a breeze.

Bonus 2

Client Email Marketing Templates ($100 value)

To make it even easier for you, our copywriter drafted 4 quarterly emails ready to schedule for your clients. Keep top of mind for potential and current clients — sans the icky salesy feeling. 🙂

Bonus 3

ClickUp for Designers Training ($100 value)

SYS alumni, Giselle, teaches you how to use ClickUp (a free tool that essentially marries Asana + Trello) to run your design studio. Ideal for communicating with your clients, managing projects, or as your home operations for managing your own tasks. It’s your ticket to a streamlined, and automated process with a tool I know you’ll love!

Pay In Full + Get the Bonuses!

You’ll also get instant access to:

  • 48 video training modules – but don’t be overwhelmed by that number! The videos are to-the-point, fluff-free, and easily actionable
  • Behind-the-scenes tutorials of our workflows, masterclass recordings, and processes
  • 10 templates
  • 50+ swipe files from project inquiry + sticky situations to raising your prices, + project wrap-up
  • Our go-to resource doc of favorite font foundries, print vendors, mockups, etc.
  • Task lists to make sure you’re on track and taking action
  • Beautiful downloadable worksheets to help you focus and plan with ease
  • Bonus! 6 group coaching calls

“Spruce Your Studio was literally the single best investment I’ve made for my business so far… and probably always will be. In ten years, I will look back and say, ‘that was the turning point to making this work.’”

Rebekah Peluszak

Your Investment

Sure, you could figure out all these shortcuts, processes, and hacks on your own, between Pinterest scrolls, hours of podcasts, and blogs galore.

Or, you could take a short-cut:

Swipe the system we put together after over 10 years in the freelance design industry (5 full-time design studio, 5+ freelancing), and gain an intimate group of fellow designers to boot.

  • 48 video lessons
  • Access to the Template Vault (10+ templates)
  • Task lists + worksheets
  • Bonus! 6 group coaching calls

Pay in Full


One Time Payment

Enroll at Our Best Value

Payment Plan


3 Monthly Payments

Enroll & Pay Monthly

100% Money Back Guarantee (YEP, I said it!)
You have my word: Enroll in SYS risk-free, knowing that if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. If after 10 days, you’ve done the work and haven’t seen results, I’m happy to buy the course back from you!

Spruce Your Studio

is a glass-slipper fit if you’re just starting up your design business OR you’ve been at the game for a few years

  • If you’re in a 9–5, have been freelancing for a hot second (hey, coffee shop designing on weekends is where many of us start!), and just *know* that by streamlining and tightening your process you’d be able to play at a much higher level and attract the clients you need to go full-time, SYS is for you.
  • If you’ve started your design studio (getting business cards totally counts) but the client process has you tied in knots and you’re sick of spending the time you should be designing snooping on others’ sites to figure out their process, SYS is for you.
  • If you’re a seasoned designer used to dealing with clients and managing projects but just KNOW you need to step into more of a leader role when it comes to the way you work, SYS is for you.
  • If you’re already running a successful branding or web design studio and working with awesome clients but want to streamline your systems so you can take more time out for family or, you know, breathing, without taking a drop in income, SYS is for you.
  • If you adore serving your clients, but feel burnt out from your shoot-from-the-hip systems and would love to be literally handed a proven blueprint so you could focus on your strength — actually designing! — SYS is for you.
  • If you want to learn the ins and outs of the fast-becoming-famous Spruce Rd. Zero-Revision One-Logo-Solution, because you’re SO over providing a ton of options and then seeing them pick the one you knew they’d pick (secret? I used to do that, too!), SYS is for you.

What have others asked before joining Spruce Your Studio?

previously Share-worthy design

“The SYS course has been instrumental in my business and moving me forward. I took it one year ago, and I cannot stop thinking about how beneficial it was. My business has skyrocketed — I made more money than I ever have since taking this course!”

Megan Powell

“Before SYS, my client process wasn’t terrible but a little clunky. Now, my revisions process during my client experience has gotten so much more streamlined. Going through SYS, seeing Jamie’s process, getting coached by her has changed how I serve my clients even better. This investment is worth every penny, and every second of your time!”

Danbee, Oori Studio

“The course itself was worth every dollar and the templates were worth even MORE than that! Since taking SWD, my client process has been visually upleveled. I now understand how to present my work in a way that really shows the value to my clients. My clients are super happy with the process, and I’ve been able to book lots of clients!”

Brea, Style Storyteller

think about it…

What new heights could you reach in your business with a friction-free design experience?

I believe the possibilities are ENDLESS for you, friend! Enroll now risk-free (seriously!) and see what you can achieve. Let's Spruce My Studio!