Spruce Rd. Coaching Community

Say goodbye to difficult clients — and hello to easy, breezy, beautifully trusting clients on repeat.

You’ll need:

  • A monthly done-for-you marketing plan
  • Mentorship from a seasoned designer
  • A safe space to ask questions
  • Community for support

“Before joining the Coaching Community, I didn’t have a marketing plan and felt a little lost. With this group, it’s really helped me grow through making sure I’m focusing on the right things. I’ve grown so much that I’ve hired a designer from our community to support client work! I’ve doubled my web design + development prices, and might be raising them again!”

Jessica Rhoades

“I’m going to be in this coaching community forever!” “Hands down this is THE greatest thing I’ve done to invest in my business. There is no question that’s off-limits for Jamie, and I feel like I’m being personally mentored! I’ve grown exponentially, and am raising my rates.”

London Rodriguez

“Whenever I’m stuck or need to brainstorm, this is the first place I go! As an entrepreneur who works from home, it can feel isolating. This community has meant so much to me in that regard. It’s a group of like-minded yet diverse group of designers.”

Stephanie, Pine & Pixels